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Totaal 201 stemmen.  81.09% vind het spel leuk.
Totaal 201 stemmen. 81.09% vind het spel leuk.
Omschrijving EK 2016:
EK 2016 is a very fun game of football. In this game you will play in the European Championship in 2016. You play with a team of three players and one goalkeeper. Before you start you will see which keys to play. You can easily control all the players themselves with the arrow keys. The computer does automatically change of player. The player who is the player you have to drive close to the ball. When you score you get to see a nice recurrence. This lets you save if you want. Of course you first start with the matches in the group stage. If you finish in the top two of your group you through to the finals. The game will be just like in real life increasingly difficult. So you will really have to do your best you will become the 2016 champion ek. At the top of the screen you can monitor the time. Each match lasts 90 minutes fast. However, they are two real minutes per game. So you will succeed to become the champion of the European Championship in 2016?

Play EK 2016 with your arrow keys.


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