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Totaal 19665 stemmen.  88.83% vind het spel leuk.
Totaal 19665 stemmen. 88.83% vind het spel leuk.
Omschrijving Verkeerstalent:
Drive carefully through the city. Use your turn signals and stop for traffic lights. Good luck! Late in this game that you can drive neatly on public roads. Give your timely direction indicators, do not drive too fast and stop at red light. Can you bring these three missions to a successful conclusion? The online racing game Traffic Talent is the intention that you abide by all traffic laws, you forget to stop at a crosswalk or at a red light it brings you penalized. Do you have 10 penalty points you have to stop the driving instructor. You can also play this game driving test as an exercise to get your driving license if your driving skills if you want to brush up a bit. Making a mistake is not bad, but try to keep it safe for yourself and other road users. Look carefully in your mirrors when turning a corner and use thereby also the right turn signal.

Are you a traffic talent?

Late in Traffic Talent 2 see you're a talent on the road, by mirroring very good, the other to keep traffic in mind, to give direction to, first say safety and of course nothing to drink (if PDO you have nothing on). Evidence in this game that you earned a driver's license! Driving is not difficult but you must always remain vigilant. If you have a car I always wise to conclude an AA car insurance if you ever need roadside. They will help you within one hour on location.

3D racing game

Traffic Talent is a 3D car game that uses a Unity 3D plugin, you use Google Chrome, then this game is unfortunately not playing, use a different browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. The Plugin is Unity download here. Through this plugin makes it possible to create 3D online games, this is especially cool for racing games.

Good luck in this fun online racing game and try to get your license so you without driving instructor the road stays on.

Arrows = Drive
Z,X = Turn signal
C = Change view
P = Pause


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