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Totaal 115 stemmen.  79.13% vind het spel leuk.
Totaal 115 stemmen. 79.13% vind het spel leuk.
Omschrijving Storks Delivery Dash:
Right now you will have the chance to play a game which you will not find on any of the other games websites you visit, because it is we that we have moved as fast as possible to offer you this game from the Storks Movie Games category, one which we hope to fill with as many cool games as possible before the film starts showing in cinemas all around the world. In the film, storks have long since stopped delivering babies, as they now deliver packages, and in this game, you will have to help a stork make all his deliveries on time. Only you can help him, so learn how to from the following instructions we will give you in this description. You will use your up and down arrow keys to fly up and down, and hit the spacebar when you need to drop off your package. How do you know where you need to do the drop-off? Well, you need to drop the packages when you are over the houses that are lit up. Avoid any obstacles that may show up in your way, so that you don't lose life, and then lose the game. You are invited to start your delivery route with the stork right now, and see how fun it is going to be!

Play Storks Delivery Dash with your mouse, tablet, iPad, iPhone or mobile phone


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