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Totaal 57 stemmen.  91.23% vind het spel leuk.
Totaal 57 stemmen. 91.23% vind het spel leuk.
Omschrijving Landleven:
Manage your farm and make cheese in this masterful adventure full of milk! Do you think farm animals so much fun? Then the game Family Barn is really something for you! You can go to a thorn open-air museum, but you can also get behind your PC or tablet and play this awesome game! Be a good player and perform missions so well that you score the most points. In FamilyBarn you care for farm animals and build your estate continues with new fruit and vegetable species or new barns and animals. But Funny Farm goes far beyond just animals, you have to perform many different tasks to create your own world.

Follow the Family Barn forum

To play this game you must first create an account. You will have a personal page, and you can get in touch on the forum or magazine with other players. Do you have a question about the best playing tactics? Then go to Facebook or Reddit and get behind some cheats. If you know these cheats, it's a cinch to become a top player! Play as a cute little doll game platform for which you need only your mouse! You can also play this game on your tablet.

Build your dream farm

Play this game online for free! In this world of cubes and crazy characters, you can experience everything. That is different from a day at sea! Here you are always in your virtual environment, you can do whatever you like like to build. Try your country to be as cool as possible by building with blocks. If you have not so many pets at home, you can still make all kinds of structures through this game! Keep the magazine and forum eye and kick it up a high score! The better keep your farm, the better you score and the sooner you get access to new ways to build. Start with this amazing farm life adventure!

Play Family Barn with your mouse.


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