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Totaal 91 stemmen.  79.12% vind het spel leuk.
Totaal 91 stemmen. 79.12% vind het spel leuk.
Omschrijving Doctor Strange Spot 6 Diff:
Doctor Strange Spot 6 Diff is an exciting game that is going to test your skills because only with agility and a well developed sense of observation you can complete your goal: to find all the differences from the images. You need the mouse to find the differences in this game with Doctor Strange, the new Marvel movie. In the left you have the original picture with Doctor Strange and in the right side is the one which has six differences that you have to find in a short time. In this game you have the chance to see in exclusivity images from the movie that has not appeared yet. In this game you need to be fast if you want the chance to enter in the top of the best players in the world. You can see how many differences you have to find at the bottom of the screen. There is also the timer and your lives in this ability games. The first levels are always easier, to help you get comfortable with the game but you don`t have to hurry to underestimate the difficulty of this exciting game with Doctor Strange.

Play Doctor Strange Spot 6 Diff with your mouse.


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