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Totaal 17 stemmen.  88.24% vind het spel leuk.
Totaal 17 stemmen. 88.24% vind het spel leuk.
Omschrijving Blouse Addict:
Blouses are very diverse because they come in every design and color, but also versatile, as you can wear them with almost anything. So it is no wonder this girl has become a blouse addict. She has so many of them, but she needs your help deciding which one to wear today and how to create a look around it. And we are not only talking about the other clothes, but also make-up. Use foundation and contact lenses, define her eyebrows, apply eye shadow, mascara, blush and lipstick. They style her hair with natural waves or braids. You can choose a casual white blouse, tie it around her waist and wear it with a black top and pants or a red one which she can wear with jeans, or go the elegant route with a buttoned up white blouse with ruffles on the sleeves which she can wear with high waist green pants. Accessorize her outfit with headbands and jewelry. Have an amazing time!

Play Blouse Addict with your mouse.


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